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What to do and where to bring bulky waste in Munich

We got some questions about what to do with more significant pieces of trash in Munich, and we decided to share the following information for you.


In Germany, it is legally obligated to separate waste and garbage, and the people are responsible for doing it.

Besides different garbage tons at every household, for general waste, biological garbage, paper or plastic, and public glass garbage and plastic containers, at the so-called Wertstoffhöfe, you can give away and recycle different types of large pieces of litter and trash like old refrigerators, old TV, etc. and all kinds of old furniture, metal, or more electronic waste. There is no fee charged. In Munich, there are different locations for the “Wertstoffhöfe,” and you will find one relatively close to your place.

The more important thing is that you will have to transport all your trash to the Wertstoffhof on your own. There are also companies that offer pickup service for bigger garbage, which costs some money but its efficient, the word in German is “Entrümpelung,” so you can google these services. Another option is calling to the „Abfallwirtschaft München AWM” so they can pick up the bulky waste, you have to wait several weeks for them to come and pick up the garbage, you will probably need half a day off at your work since they work only between Monday and Friday and not after 5 pm.

Recycling and throwing away a significant number of big objects will cost some money and these are only taken in at Freimann and Langwied. If you plan to bring away just a reasonable amount (say, one old TV, an old refrigerator, some old furniture, some pieces of metal and old carpets), this does not cost you anything, and you can go to any Wertstoffhof.

At one special Wertstoffhof called Halle 2, you can buy cheaply the recycled articles and furniture which still has use and value. There, you can purchase old furniture which is still quite okay. The objects at Halle 2 have a fixed price and if you want to buy something you have to talk to the personnel there.

Every Saturday at 11, there is an auction at Halle 2 where you can buy valuable pieces.

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Text and image: Alicia Enciso