How to sort the trash in Munich

January 5, 2019
Help the environment by separating your waste in Munich, using the correct bin color, and recycling it. This separation system is very important for the city of Munich. Mucvibes made a summary.

Trash sort categories

The goal of separating the garbage is to facilitate the recycling process of all kinds of waste, and there are five categories.

1.-Light packaging (Leichtverpackungen) of plastic, aluminum, tinplate, composite material (Verbundmaterialien). It goes to the yellow container, we are going to talk about it below.

2.-Glass. It goes in the yellow container too.

3.-Paper. In German, “Altpapier.” You can drop off paper, cartons, carton packaging; there is always an “Altpapiertonne” (ton) in the building for all the apartment residents.

4.-Biowaste (Bioabfall) Did you cook? where does the eggshell go? in the “Bioabfall”, there is also a ton for all the building.

5.-Residual waste (Restmüll). All the rest.

By Alicia Yay for mucvibes

The Yellow Container.

To drop off the packaging and glass, you will find a yellow container near your apartment, and that trash is for recycling. 

Aluminum: tins, cans, aluminum packaging, spray cans, pet-food cans.

Empty glass bottles: clear, brown, and green glass. By the way, blue glass goes to green glass. You can not drop porcelain, stoneware, light bulbs, drinking glasses, mirrors, or window panes in this container. 

Plastic: packaging, plastic bags,… yogurt tubs and tops, toothpaste tubes, milk pouches made of plastic.

Do not belong in the yellow container: Baby feeding bottles, ballpoint pens, CD’s and floppy disks, ceramic pots, children’s toys (wood/plastic/tinplate), china crockery, cigarette ends, cigarette lighters, clear plastic folders, disposable razors, electrical equipment, hygiene articles, ladies’ tights, leftover food, metal pots and pans, nappies, old clothes, polystyrene residues (e.g., from insulating material) › sticking plasters, toothbrushes, unemptied packages, video cassettes, wallpaper leftovers, wood shavings.

We hope this information was useful. Separate the trash and recycle it!

If you are not sure about what trash goes to what bin, you can find more information about how to sort your trash in Munich here.

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