5 Ways to Get Warm Vibes in Munich - What To Do When It's Cold Outside

February 28, 2023
Munich is known for its festivals, art activities, "Biergarten" culture; but in winter the city can get a little cold. Check out these five ways to get warm in Munich and enjoy the last days of winter.

Munich is known as the city of festivals, not just because of Oktoberfest. Munich is the place to be, from film festivals to street performances and jazz concerts. In winter, we enjoy the Christmas Markets and Festivals like Tollwood; but let's face it, it gets too cold in the Bavarian capital at this time of the year. Luckily, there are many ways to keep warm when the temperatures dip and get out into the crisp air again and enjoy the last days of winter!

What's the weather like in Munich in the winter?

In the winter, temperatures in Munich can drop as low as -15°C, but it can also get as warm as 20°C in February. The weather in Munich can change rapidly, so be sure to layer up when it starts to rain or snow. 

Usual activities in Winter in Munich

Here are some tips on how you can embrace the winter season with enthusiasm. Before we get into that, here's a quick refresher about what to expect in Munich during this time of year. Dont'forget to:

-Ice skating in one of the many ice rinks options, like Stachus or Olympia Park.

-Doing Bavarian curling at Nymphenburg.

-Sledding at the Olympiaberg.

5  ways to get warm in Munich

1.-Quality matters in winter clothing.

When we talk about winter clothing, investing in your winter outfit is very important. The new motto is warmth over style. In my experience, investing in a winter jacket at a sports store is better than buying a stylish coat. At least for your first winter in Germany if you come from a warmer country. What price should you consider? A good and warm Jacket doesn't have to be very expensive,  you can find a good and warm Jacket for 350€.

Gloves, hats, and scarves made of wool fibers are a must.

2.-Time to Dance

Time to learn something in a group, like dancing!

My proposal: Flamenco dance with Gisa at the "Centro de Arte Flamenco". You will have a good workout, and at the same time, you will learn a whole culture. Shaking your body with "a Palo" (the flamenco styles) will give you warm vibes. You can also join "La feria de abril en Munich" on Friday, 24th March. Join in dancing Sevillanas! You find more info here.

Is Jazz your style? You can learn it here! But also more dance styles like ballet at the Performing Art Studios.

3.-Sauna and Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming is an excellent option to warm up. After that, some Sauna time will give you warm vibes for hours! 

Find the Indoor Swimming Pool, or in German "Hallenbad" nearest to you here.

4.-Play an instrument

Our tip: Guitar playing with Alejandro Carrillo. He graduated with distinction in classical guitar and music education at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. He teaches Classical guitar in Munich for every level and age grade:

  • one-on-one lesson
  • group lesson
  • guitar ensemble
  • student concerts

Get in contact with him here.

5.-Join our Social Community and meet friends in Munich

Join our online Community to meet offline! We had nice social activities on our meetup Groupe. We are launching our group on a new platform to keep this Community growing. On this new platform, you can interact better with other members, and we can have better online planning to meet offline. 

Why should you join?

-Find friends 🤗 and make your network 🙌.

-Attend social events 🥳 in person.

-Join challenges to learn German 😅.

-Ask questions and exchange experiences on our chat 😎.

-We have limited spots for free; join now!

While staying inside and hibernating during winter is tempting, you can beat the cold with sports, art, and social activities. And above all, keep warm and wear plenty of layers when the weather is cold, but don't let it stop you from enjoying the season.

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