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Living in Munich

You have moved to Munich, and now what? MUCVIBES is your unofficial guide for your life in Munich, for newcomers and not so new!
Let´s get social:

Enjoy the Spring vibes!

Spring is an amazing time in Munich. The landscape blossoms, and the trees begin to fill with leaves. Here are our highlights for this season.
We love spring in Munich because 🙌:
  • Finally, the first sunny days and temperatures around 15 degrees make our body shake with joy after the long days of darkness and winter
  • we have fun at the Maidult
  • Time to change our watches is almost here, Saturday 27th.
  • we enjoy art exhibitions like ARTMUC
    This is the season to plant seeds, flowers, or vegetables! Is doing urban gardening a good option for you?
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Learn German

Language schools directory

We are joining forces with Munich's language schools, and we are proud of it! We made a directory where you can easily find the option that matches with you.

Learning German is very important to feel good in the country since it will make your life easier. Take a look also at our tips!
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I got it!

Discover more about Munich

Take a look at the different sections; they give you a better overview of the city's going on.

Survival guides

Ohh yes... many things are confusing in Germany and even more in Munich. What the hell is the GEZ payment? And how many insurances do you need? Is it a joke that you pay taxes for having a dog? Yes, you pay! We hope these guides help you, and if you have any suggestions for more guides, do not hesitate to contact us via Social Media or e-mail.
*Coming soon:
Family life section!
*coming soon:
Family life section!
*Coming soon:
Family life section!
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About MUCvibes

I am Alicia, and I moved to Munich 13 years ago; I am more or less a Münchener. I have had very good experiences but also bad ones. Sometimes this city drives me crazy, but I love it. I decided to make this platform and community to exchange tips and info that helps with the challenges you have as an expat. Exchange nice vibes with more expats and locals. Community is key to feeling part of the city, so join us!



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