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You have moved to Munich, and now what? MUCVIBES is your unofficial guide for your life in Munich, for newcomers and not so new!

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Survival Guides

Ohh yes... many things are confusing in Germany and even more in Munich. What the hell is the GEZ payment? And how many insurances do you need? Is it a joke that you pay taxes for having a dog? Yes, you pay! We hope these guides help you, and if you have any suggestions for more guides, do not hesitate to contact us via Social Media or e-mail.

Art Workshops & Hobbies

Explore a diverse array of places to learn art and hobbies in Munich. Discover workshops, courses, and classes to nurture your creativity in our comprehensive guide. Get inspired and hone your skills in Munich's vibrant artistic scene!

Centro de Arte Flamenco

Flamenco: dancing, singing, palmas & guitar classes! From Beginners to Profis.
Geisenhausenerstr. 16a
Mexican community

Circulo de mexico

Join it to blablabalbala
Paint and Print workshops

Paint and Print Club

Everyone is welcome to explore their artistic side and experience the joy of creating something unique.
FatCat Rosenheimer Str. 5

Why MUCvibes?

Hello! I am Alicia, and I moved to Munich 16 years ago; I am more or less a Münchener. I have had very good experiences but also bad ones. Sometimes this city drives me crazy, but I love it.

As I am a Webdesigner I decided to make this platform & community to exchange tips and info that helps you with the challenges you have as an expat. Exchange nice vibes with more expats and locals at our Meetup Group. Community is key to feeling part of the city, so join us!
Carrousel at Oktoberfest in Munich.