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Public Transport in Munich: new rules

From 15 December 2019 there are new rules for traveling by public transport in Munich.


Buying a ticket with the previous system was a bit confusing with rings, and zones, and not even the Germans themselves understood it well. The new system is a little easier to understand since the city is a single zone, Zone M, instead of 4 rings or inner zone. One of the most important advantages is the improvement in the ticket price for people who continuously use public transport. For example, if you now use a 3-ring monthly ticket, you are paying 66,60€. From 15 December you pay 55,20 € for the Zone M, which also includes what is now ring 4.

What happens when you get your December monthly-ticket with the actual tariff?

Weekly and monthly tickets remain valid in the old area of validity until their validity period expires. That means, if the 1rst of December you buy a monthly ticket, your ticket still valid on the new system until it expires.

Do you have a Stripe card?

You can keep using it until the end of March 2020. Be aware of the tariff information on the back of these stripe cards is no longer valid from 15.12.2019!

Single Ticket & Day Ticket

In Munich, it is worth buying a day ticket if you are going to make 3 or more trips. The price of a single ticket is higher with the new system, from 2,90€ increases to 3,30€. The new price of a day ticket is 7.80€.

If you have single tickets or day tickets, you can exchange them for tickets of the new fare at the MVV customer centers. You find MVV Customer Centers at the central train station (Hauptbahnhof), Marienplatz, or Munich East train station (Ostbahnhof).

Traveling to/from the Airport?

From 15 December, the ticket you have to buy is zone M + 5. The price is 11,50€ for a single journey or day ticket for 13€.

Bye-bye 3-days-ticket

The IsarCard weekly ticket for zone M with 17,10€ is a low-cost offer for journeys of more than 2 days.

Take a look at the new prices and inform yourself about your new zone. Remember: traveling without a ticket is illegal and if you get caught you have to pay a 60 € fine.