Year of the X 2018: innovation festival in Munich

March 6, 2018
What do a Robot, Buddha, a Dog, a Wolfman, a Data Scientist, and a race car champion girl have in common? The answer: Year of the X, it is an unconventional innovation and Startup festival, „where Robots meet Buddhas“.


1 day, 1,000 participants, 40+ international speakers, hands-on workshops & a Touch tech area.

On April 18th 2018, Munich is hosting the next legendary Year of the X festival - this time around celebrating the Year of the Dog. (Second clue).

„At this Digital Innovation Festival with Purpose, you will hear inspiring Top Level Speakers, learn about the latest trends in Tech and Innovation through keynote speeches and practical Workshops and meet like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and startups“ , there are several speakers, just to mention a few of them: JULIA LANDAUER, as a motivational speaker from the US, who is a Race Car Champion Driver, MAX KILGER, Ph.D. Director of the Masters Program in Data Analytics, at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and SHAUN ELLIS, a Wolfman and Animal Researcher from UK. (Third and last clue).

„The idea of Year of the X came to life with a mission to gather innovators and diverse thinkers who are willing to take risks in order to make an impact on the world. With core values such as diversity and intimacy, our small event turned into a new community where people from all kinds of backgrounds can share their knowledge and make new meaningful connections.“ says Markus von der Luehe, CEO & Founder of Year of the X.


„In 2018, the Innovation and Startup festival is going to be the Year of the Dog, which personifies strong community bonds, loyalty and protection. In a world run by technologies, people feel alienated more than ever and so the need of community is essential not just in personal lives, but in the workplace as well. According to Markus, this is the fourth edition, after the editions: Year of the Goat, Year of the Monkey, and Year of the Rooster, a really cool idea that matches perfectly with the out of the box thinkers organization team, lead by Markus.

The main topics on the festival are the future of the media and work, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain, Cyber Security, Mobility and last but not least, Mindfulness.

You get the opportunity too, to get in touch with the newest technical devices, where touching is allowed!


Don´t miss this awesome event where you are going to hear not only motivational and technical Talks, learn the newest technology devices but also be part of a community. We got kindly offer a 15% discount to the event (your promotion code for the festival is: MeetupFriend_15). Hurry up, the number of tickets is limited!!! You find the tickets at the Year of the X website.

Thank you Markus, Toma and the Organization Team for sharing us this event that is a cool part of Munich Lifestyle.

Photos by: Year of the X.

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