Ticket for the public transport in Munich

December 6, 2019
Munich is a big city but the public transport system is great. Once you have figured out how to use it, the whole city is at your fingertips! Keep reading our guide.
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Buying a ticket with the previous system was confusing with the rings and zones system, and not even the Germans themselves understood it well. The new system is a little easier to understand since the city is in a single zone: Zone M. One of the most important advantages is improving the ticket price for people who continuously use public transport. For example, if you now use a 3-ring monthly ticket, you are paying 66,60€. From 15 December, you pay 55,20 € for Zone M, including what is now ring 4.

Single Ticket & Day Ticket

In Munich, it is worth buying a day ticket if you will make 3 or more trips.  The new price of a day ticket is 7.80€.

You find MVV Customer Centers at the central train station (Hauptbahnhof), Marienplatz, or Munich East train station (Ostbahnhof).

Traveling to/from the Airport?

From 15 December, the ticket you have to buy is zone M + 5. The price is 11,50€ for a single journey or a day ticket for 13€.

Take a look at the new prices and inform yourself about your new zone. Remember: traveling without a ticket is illegal and if you get caught you have to pay a 60 € fine.


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