Swimming in Munich: 3 pools you are going to love

July 28, 2018
We love summer in Munich and the enjoyable “Freibäder”. These are public outdoor swimming pools.

We love summer in Munich and the enjoyable “Freibäder”. These are public outdoor swimming pools. Besides the “Hallenbad” which is the indoor swimming pool open all year there are “Freibäder”. They are open only during the summer season, from May to mid-September. You can find Hallenbad and Freibad in different parts of the city.

The entrance fee is approximately 5€ and it is a great place to go with friends or enjoy a moment by yourself. It is a lovely place for families too.


The installations are well equipped, low deep swimming pools for kids, middle size swimming pools for leisure and swimming pools for a sport with a certain depth, lanes and special rules such as not playing with the inflatables there. There is always a cafeteria to buy beer, “Pommes” (french fries) and many other things.

The “Bademeister” (wearing a turquoise t-shirt and dark blue shorts) is the person who is watching over the rules and making sure no incidents happen.


3 Freibäder you cannot miss

Although you’ll probably find a Freibad near your home, there are some worth visiting even if it’s a half-hour subway ride.

Maria Einsiedel

Close to the Thalkirchen (Tierpark) metro station with the U3 or bus 135 Maria Einsiedel station. This is Munich´s nature “Freibad”. The swimming pool water is from the river Isar and constantly flows through it, so there are no chemicals to treat the water. There is also a small stream that flows through the „Freibad”.


You get there by subway U5, U7, at the Michaelibad station or by bus, lines 187, 195, 199, same name stop.

This Freibad has a 64 meter long slide and a beach volleyball court, so adrenaline is guaranteed.

Freibad West

To get there take Tram 19 or bus 57 and get off at Westbad station.

This Freibad has a nudist zone for everybody and another one only for women. It has also 64 meters slide and volleyball courts. If you like water massage, there’s also a pressurized water mushroom. To get there, take Tram 19 or bus 57 and get off at Westbad.

Here is a link to find a Freibad near you.


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