Staffelsee, how to arrive at this magical lake from Munich

July 19, 2018
The Staffelsee is a great option for a day trip, or as they say in German “Ausflug”. You can walk through the beautiful village of Murnau and swim in the lake on the Murnau Riviera or Seehausen Riviera.

Location: 60 kms. south of Munich.

Time: approx. 54 minutes by train (Regional Zug) from Munich Central Station.

Accessibility: very easy with the regional train from the central station to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the station is Murnau am Staffelsee.

Rivieras: in the village of Murnau and in the village of Seehause.

The Staffelsee is a great option for a day trip, or as they say in German “Ausflug”. You can walk through the beautiful village of Murnau and swim in the lake on the Murnau Riviera or Seehausen Riviera. In this last one, there are several entertainment options, water sports and a place to relax such as the “Strandbad” and the camping area.

The train you take is a regional one. Be careful to get on the right wagon because as usual in Germany, the train separates. The correct wagons are those going to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the train station where you get off is the village of Murnau.


From the train station, you reach the lake by foot (approximately 10 minutes), either on the Murnau side or on the Seehausen side. Everything is posted on signs from the moment you arrive at the train station.

The lake with 7 islands:


This lake has 7 islands, the largest one is called Wörth. There you can find the chapel of St. Simpert, an insider tip for weddings and baptisms because of the idyllic landscape.

The second largest island is Buchau and is suitable for camping, as it is only accessible by small boat, there are no cars, no camper vans, so you can only camp in tents or as they say in German, “Zelt”, it is an idyllic place for an excursion of more than a day.

The remaining five islands are Große Birke, Kleine Birke, Gradeneiland, Mühlwörth and the smallest is Jakobsinsel.

What you can do

Murnau Riviera


Although there is no Strandbad, is a nice place to enjoy the lake and doing water sports.

You can also play minigolf. The “Minigolfclub Murnau am Staffelsee” is also open to visitors.

A good exercise in nature is to take a walk, in German, “wandern”, or a bicycle tour along the entire lake. The distance is 22 km and there are visual indications. If the 22 km is too long, the route can be shortened very well by boat trip and you can walk between the landing points of Achele and Uffing which is approximately 13 km long along the shore.


The village of Murnau


The Untermarkt Straße is full of shops, restaurants and cafés, most of them with traditional Bavarian cuisine, and in the background you can see the Alps, making it a destination worth visiting for the view of the landscape.


Blaue Reiter´s art legacy: Schloßmuseum and the Münter House.

Vassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter, Franz Marc, August Macke, in other words, the authors of the expressionist art movement “Blaue Reiter” lived a time in Murnau, the landscape of this place is reflected in several of their paintings. There is a museum dedicated to this movement and its promoters. You can also visit the Münter Haus which is the summer house where Gabriele Münter and Vassily Kandinsky once lived.

Seehausen Riviera


From the train station in Murnau, walking down Seehauser Str and Bahnhofstraße, you reach the Strandbad, which has a restaurant and a café, water games such as trampoline, slide, playground, and is open from May to October like most „Freibäder”.


In Seehausen there is a small peninsula with camping facilities. This idyllic lakeside place has modern facilities, you can camp with a tent or camper van. This is another option for camping on this lake in addition to Buchau Island.

On Buchau Island, as mentioned above, you can only camp with a tent. Another important fact is that pets are not allowed. It has sanitary facilities and a Biergarten. You arrive to the island in a boat that you can rent or in a motor boat whose departures are from Seehauen. Here is the depatures plan, which changes according to the season of the year.

Boat Trip

At Seehausen is one of the boat docks. The boat daily makes six round trips, the tour lasts 80 minutes. There are two other docks, the Achele docks at Murnau and Uffing.

Some prices:

(we are not responsible for any changes)

Transport by regional train: Bayern Ticket, 25 per person, each additional person 6€, up to five people.

Strandbad entrance fee at Seehausen: 3.5€

Meals per person: 10-25€ with drinks

Minigolf: 4,5€

Rowing boats: 6€ per hour, 1-2 people.

SUP: 10€ per hour

Museum: 9,50€ for all exhibitions.

Round trip by boat: 10€

Seehausen’s trip to Burchau Island: 2€

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Images: Branka Raguz, follow her Instagram account. for more nice photos!

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