Schliersee: paradise lake near Munich

July 5, 2019
The Schliersee is ideal for a day trip with your family, alone or with friends. In addition to the paradisiacal landscape offered by this lake, there are several activities to enjoy.

Location: 51 kms. southeast of Munich.

Time: 50 minutes approximately by train (BOB) from Munich central station.

Accessibility: very easy with the BOB train.

The Schliersee is ideal for a day trip with your family, alone or with friends. In addition to the paradisiacal landscape offered by this lake, there are several activities to enjoy.


The lake is very easy to reach if you go by train, as mentioned above, it takes 50 minutes with the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB train). The BOB departs from the central station and stops at several stations within Munich, on weekends: Donnersbergerbrücke, Harras and Solln on weekends.

The train is divided into three sections with three different destinations, so it is very important that you get into the right car. The wagon that passes through the Schliersee has Bayrischzell as its final destination. If you are mistakenly in another one, you have the opportunity to change before the Holzkirchen station, which is where it separates.

What you can do at the Schliersee



In addition to enjoying the landscape, there are several things you can do. One of our favorites is going to the Strandbad. On the shore of the lake, this Strandbad has a spa facility with dressing rooms, bathrooms, showers, restaurant and cafeteria. On the lake there are several games for children and adults. There is also a beach volleyball court and children’s playground area.

The village


Bicycle tour. Arriving at the Schliersee train station you have the option to rent a bike and take a tour of the village.

Restaurants and cafés. Schliersee offers a wide range of restaurants and cafés, most of them with Bavarian specialities.

“Bauerntheater” Theater

Founded in 1892, with a fire and a new beginning in its history, it has events regularly, and among them presents plays in Bavarian dialect. In the beginning, the purpose of the plays was to represent everyday life as it was, so the actors were not professionals but the people of the village themselves. The theatre company was so successful that they were invited to a four-month tour in the United States. The stereotype or typical image of the German as a blonde person dressed in “Tracht”, i.e. in leather shorts (Lederhose) with a hat and green vest, probably comes from this tour.

Going up to the Schliersbergalm


Berg = hill

Located at a height of 1061 meters, it can be reached on foot or by cable car. Upstairs the view is spectacular, there is an incredible swimming pool and a restaurant to relax, have a beer and enjoy Bavarian food. To go down to the valley again, there is a very special way besides walking or by cable car, and it is with Sommerrodelbahn.


Sommer, because it is only used in summer, rodelbahn which means sleigh track. From the Schliersbergalm you have the opportunity to sled down a track just like a roller coaster, you control your own speed and it’s a lot of fun. The route is 950 meters through the forest, a real alpine adventure.

Aquatic fun


There are several options for water activities, from a comfortable motor boat trip, which departs between 10:00am and 5:00pm, to boat rentals for activities that require more physical activity such as sailing boats, Kajak and, of course, rowing surfboards (SUP).


Some costs examples:

Train 23€ and each extra person 6€ (up to five people). More info on BOB website.

Lunch per person: 10-25€ with drinks

Strandbad admission: 4€

Cable car: up and down: 8€

Cable car: single trip: 5€

We wish you a lot of fun on this tour and if you want to tell us about your experience and give us more tips, please contact us! Follow us on Facebook.

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