Pilsensee: a lake near to Munich reachable by S-Bahn 8

July 12, 2018
One of the jewels of Bavaria is the Pilsensee. The proximity to Munich makes it ideal for a day trip or even just for a couple of hours.

Location: 35 kms. west of Munich.

Time: approx. 45 minutes by S-bahn from Munich Central Station.

Accessibility: very easy with the S-Bahn 8 to Herrsching, station Seefeld-Hechendorf.

One of the jewels of Bavaria is the Pilsensee. The proximity to Munich makes it ideal for a day trip or even just for a couple of hours. It is a lake that is less known than others like the Starnberger See and for this reason there are not many tourists, it is more frequented by the local people so it is our “insider secret”. It is a very small lake that was once connected to the Ammersee.

What you can do at the Pilsensee

Strandbad Hechendorf

About a mile from the S-Bahn station is the “Strandbad” (bathing area) Hechendorf. It is very comfortable to swim in the lake due to the facilities such as dressing rooms and bathrooms. The cafeteria has homemade options and a varied vegetarian menu. You can get there very easily on foot, although there is also a bus option every hour. To be oriented in Google maps, the address is: Badeweg 68 Seefeld. There is no entrance fee.

Strandbad Camping area


Approximately 1.2 miles from S-Bahn station. In this camping area, it is also very nice to swim in the lake because of the facilities there are. The entrance fee is two euros. There are bathroom facilities, dressing rooms, and restaurants.

It is also very easy to reach by foot from the S-Bahn station or every 20 minutes there is a bus, the station is Seefeld Schloss and then a few meters to walk. If you are walking we will leave you the address so you can find your way around on google maps: Am Pilsensee 2 Seefeld.

Aquatic sports


Due to its size, 2.5 kms long by 1 km wide, this lake is ideal for learning Stand-up Paddling, you can rent a board in the camping area. If you want to do other water activities, you can rent a rowboat or a kayak.

Cinema in the castle

In Seefeld there is a 12th century castle. It was once used as a museum and today there is a cinema and a restaurant. It also has a seminar area. Watching a film in the castle is the ideal ending for this nice trip. Film guide.

There are also several options for cafes and restaurants in Seefeld, as well as shops. If you want to stay longer, the camping place is the perfect option.

Some prices:

(we are not responsible for any changes)

S-bahn transportation: 13€ for a full day ticket, in German “Tageskarte”. Or for more than one, until five people, you can buy the group ticket, known as the “Gruppe Tageskarte”, for €24.30.

Dinner: 10-25€ with drinks

Strandbad entrance fee (at camping area): 2€


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Photos: Lisa Kiermaier

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