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March 20, 2020
The Münchner Tafel is one of the most significant social projects in Munich. Every week it distributes food to people in poverty. It is an independent association that exclusively pursues charitable and social purposes.

UPDATE: 16 June 2023

++++ The Münchner Tafel is looking for volunteers to work at its delivery points++++

It would be great if you had the time and inclination to help out at one of our 28 distribution points once a week from 11-17:30. Since they are located all over the city, there is sure to be one near you. Come alone, bring friends or come as a whole group - we look forward to every helping hand.

Visit their Website for more info.


Diverse social projects are very important in Munich, and we believe it is worth knowing about them, so that you can participate and understand the city better.

Have you heard about the "Münchner Tafel"?

The Münchner Tafel is one of the most significant social projects in Munich. Every week it distributes food to people in poverty. It is an independent association that exclusively pursues charitable and social purposes. It is financed by membership fees, donations, and sponsor contributions. Besides the support of numerous donors and sponsors, the City of Munich and the Grossmarkthalle, a large group of volunteers, is essential for the functioning of this project.

There are more than 650 volunteers committed in heart and mind to distribute food to people in poverty at 27 distribution points and 107 social institutions in the Munich city area.

Münchener Tafel numbers:

● 125 tons of food are donated to the Tafel every week.

● 18 refrigerated trucks and vans are used to collect food and transported to the

distribution points.

● 27 distribution points in Munich.

● 107 social institutions.

● 20,000 Munich citizens in need of food.

A little bit of history.

The München Tafel was the first food bank in Germany and started in 1994 with seven committed members. Good quality food is collected, which due to varying reasons, can no longer be marketed and is distributed to people in need, instead of being discarded.

The beginning was not easy, and it took several years of hard work for the Munich Tafel to get recognized as a reliable means of distributing food, so it gradually gained the recognition and confidence to have partners, collaborators, and sponsors.

The whole society is invited to participate in this noble project. If you live in Munich, you can participate in different ways:

● Volunteer at a distribution point.

● Volunteer as aco-pilot on a truck.

● Give donations

What is a day of volunteer work like at a distribution point?

I was at the "Großmarkthalle münchen" (the main market in Munich), and at twelve o'clock, we started setting up the tables. The trucks with the food began to arrive, and we started lowering the food boxes and setting them up for distribution. I quickly started to get to know the other volunteers who were regulars and the same people who often go there. So, they already know each other, making a very comfortable fellowship. It is very international too. After setting up everything, the guests started to arrive with a ticket that entitles them to get help. I was at a work table handing out bread, and the time went by very quickly. The environment was a pleasant conviviality with the other volunteers. Shortly before four o'clock, we finished distributing and dismantled the tables. An important tip is to take some work gloves with you.

Another way you can help is donating 78 euros a year. The 56 euros of the donation is for the transportation costs and 22 euros is for the purchase of food. With this fee, there is a guarantee to distribute a balanced and healthy food supply in case donations do not cover these expenses.

Get in touch.

Would you like to volunteer or donate? Everyone can find an opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way. Write to and tell them you want to work as "Helfer AN EINER VERTEILSTELLE."

You can also volunteer as a co-pilot in one of the vans to collect the food from the contributors.

This shift is right for the early-birds since it starts around seven in the morning.


Thanks to Julie, who was in charge of the distribution point when I was participating, and to Mrs. Zacher.

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