“Love Hackathon”: Developing tech tools to fall in love

December 9, 2017
Tech and human relationships: Love Hackathon Vol.3

Being in a new country is a challenge, not only you have to learn a new language, but you have to learn new social behaviors and non-verbal communication, and one thing that helps you to feel part of this new country are the social contacts. In this way, technology helps a lot, who haven’t used Facebook, Tinder, Meet up??? and on the other hand, of course there are the own soft skills that each person has.

And talking about this tech side, we are writing this text in Wayra Germany, where the Love-Hackathon Vol. 3 that „&Code“ organizes is taking place.

Organizator Alex from &Code and Laura, Community Manager from Wayra, the sponsor.

Alex Hoffmann from „&Code“ talked about the motivation in the organization of the hackathon:

„I organize it because this topic is a problem for many people, they are alone or they are in an unhappy relationship so in this event we want to create propuestas that give a solution to this problem. At the same time, we want to take away the tech fear from people who are not tech related, also to ease their participation in this kind of contests, this kind of events can be very important for many people with diferent background.“

But what is a hackathon? Is a tech competition with the goal to develop a real tech tool that gives a solution to specific problems, in this case the subject is „love“ and the problems to solve are: reduction of loneliness, love-relationship improvement, meaningful relationships achievement, and create tools to get more social contacts and to find love.

Participating in a hackathon is a full experience, you have just 24 hours to develop an app, the process start finding a team, then making brainstorming, choosing the idea and developing the app or a prototype, the final result in not only the real tech tool, but also making new social contacts and friends, Fun Factor is 100%.

What is the motivation in participating in this kind of events?

Maxim, Pingping, Océane and Felix told us their experience:


This hacktahon is quiet interesting, the theme is interesting and the idea is unique because not so many companies or projects think about love, so the idea is really great, and the organization is very good, just one thing is difficult : „Night“, yesterday night we talked about the idea and we were woking on how to develop it and I came home at 3o´clock, and I kept working, now I am sleepy but it is really interesting and really funny. -Maxim-


„This is the first time I participate in a hackathon and I am here because I recently started studying programming and I wanted to meet more people who is doing this coding thing, I like it, its super interesting and so like creating a program that is going to work“. -Pingping-


This is my first hackathon, and it´s really cool and I appreciate to be here, to find new ideas, and the subject Love or friendship… it´s always cool this kind of topics, the got motivated as I saw the „Meet up“ of this event and I really like computing, programming and so on, so I wanted to find out how is a real hackathon“ -Océane-


„This is my fifth hackathon and my motivation to participate is getting to know new technologies and also meeting people with the same mindset. My experience in this hackathon is different than in the usual hackathon, where you do tech things like artificial inteligence, IT, and this is more on the human side, like what the human do, and how you can improve people´s love live with technologies.“ -Felix-


Participating in a hackathon is a big chance to learn a lot and meet new people, in Munich there are several events like this. Stay tunned!

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