Learning Bavarian dialect

December 16, 2020
Learning a little of Bavarian dialect is worthy if you live in Munich because you'll hear it very often.

The Bavarian dialect is quite different from the standard German (Hochdeutsch). And even Germans from other regions are unable to understand many Bavarian expressions.
The Bavarian dialect contains terms such as 'servus' or 'ge'. The first one means - and only in Bavaria - a hello and a goodbye. This means you can say it when you arrive somewhere and when you leave. It is important since, in other regions, people use 'servus' only to say hello.
The term 'ge' is a very funny Bavarian discourse particle. You can add it basically to ANY sentence  - and this is for real :-) The only condition is that the speaker who uses the sentence with 'ge' searches for a certain form of confirmation from the persons who listen to him.
As an example, we can look at "Heute gehen wir ins Kino, ge" = Today we go to the cinema, right?" "Heute ist es kalt, ge" = Today it is cold, right?"
It is important to note that 'ge' does not mean anything on its own and has to occur within a certain sentence and context to receive meaning.
One further important expression is 'Wiederschaun,' the Bavarian analogon to "Auf Wiedersehen," which means "good goodbye". The first one is only used in Bavaria, and the second one is clear Hochdeutsch.

We hope you liked this info about the Bavarian article, ge!

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