Finding a Flat in Munich

October 6, 2017
During the last years, the Munich population has grown considerably, and the demand for living space. You find important information and useful links to have success in finding a flat.

During the last years, the population in Munich has grown considerably. With this, the demand for living space has grown accordingly. Finding a flat in Munich is not so easy. However, the number of newly built housing units has also grown to satisfy this need.

Living in a WG : Wohngemeinschaften

In Munich and other German cities, it is quite common that people live in shared flats. This is an essential and impactful form of urban Living, especially with younger people. Many students share a flat, where each one has a room, and the kitchen and bathroom are the shared space. It guarantees a much lower rental fee for everyone and helps many people rent otherwise unaffordable flats. In Munich, many young professionals or students live in a so-called “Wohngemeinschaft” = Wohn (from Living) + Gemeinschaft (from Community) (“WG,” shortly used). We believe that this is quite a fantastic way of Living since you are somehow “forced” to connect with other people, so you get in contact more easily. Of course, sometimes it might be odd or tiresome to live in the same flat with quite different people. However, the positive aspects dominate strongly. Especially the financial elements are quite clear. But we believe that there is no easier and quicker way to get socially connected.

This page is helpful to find a WG:

If you are a Student of the LMU and TUM, you have this other option from the Studentenwerk.


We think it is a great idea to become a member of the “Mieterverein München”. A membership at this “flat renter association” guarantees you a free legal adviser in all cases and questions of rental and housing matters. The membership fee is 95 Euro per year and allows you to consult legal experts in German rental and housing issues. In legal dispute cases, you are also legally covered with insurance that would enable you to pay a lawyer and the trial costs.

If you are interested in a membership, you can find more info on the Mieterverein website.

Be careful

Because of the severe threat of internet fraud, we ask you to never pay in advance any deposit or rent for an apartment. Criminals try to get your attention with cheap offers for flats. In such cases, they ask you for the deposit in advanced payment.

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