ARTMUC: artists and their work closer than ever

May 2, 2018
ARTMUC is an art exhibition that was born with the interest of establishing an artistic platform to generate exchange and direct contact between the spectator and the artist.

ARTMUC is an art exhibition that was born with the interest of establishing an artistic platform to generate exchange and direct contact between the spectator and the artist.

artmuc muenchen getcityvibes.3
Work by Moran Haynal.

This week opens its doors the 8th edition, from 1 to 5 May, in a unique forum of those who are part of the charm of Munich: Isarforum and Praterinsel. The journey from one place to another is approximately 6 minutes, and one enjoys walking next to the Isar.

If you are fan art, you will love the exhibition, and if you are not so much, it is the perfect opportunity to approach the visual arts and look artworks on different techniques and different styles. ARTMUC exhibits work by more than 140 artists and 20 galleries, and you will find graphics, photography, installations, and sculptures.

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What makes this exhibition very particular is the possibility of direct contact with the artist, talk about his work, the concept, the used techniques, creative processes, and more directly with the author. This is why the work of this type of event is essential in the creation of audiences.

This proposal of establishing a direct link between artist and spectator makes people enjoy art in a closer and more personal way. You usually have the idea that art is elitist, you have to go to a museum, or go to a gallery, but ARTMUC brings art to society in a very particular way, and this is very important because art is a factor that contributes to their awareness.

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In six years, the exhibition has grown in quality and extended to international public and artists, the organizers seek to create even better links between institutions, collectors, artists, and interested audience, to facilitate young artists, in particular, their first steps towards a wider public. There is a prior curatorial process by four people who are art historians, consultants, editors, to care for the quality of the works exhibited.

This year’s spring edition has three approaches: Textile, Art consulting and Artist Projects.

As I already mentioned, the exciting thing about platforms like ARTMUC is the opportunity to talk with the artists directly, and here we have some notes from our talks with them.

200 heads

The work of Daniela Kammerer is focused on heads, the series that presents are 200 heads captured in different media, such as tempera on paper, textiles, and ceramics. The idea comes from the experience she had of conversations with people from different countries, of seeing the human from another perspective and delving into their opposites that range from beauty to brutality and that the two are very important for them to exist mutually.

artmuc muenchen Daniela Kanmmerer getcityvibes 2
Daniela Kammerer


Francesco Neo, whose business card is the biggest in the bag, presents a work full of spectacular neon colors, with combined techniques ranging from oil to the spray can, “I like to paint very emotionally, freer, not think but play and have that freedom.”

artmuc muenchen getcityvibes 9
Francesco Neo´s Work

Art from South Africa

This edition presents for the first time South African art represented by Barbara Lenhard. The works are by established as well as emerging artists and show the diversity of the country and the people in all aspects.

The fact that Barbara knows the artists personally makes the experience of seeing the works more private and exquisite.

artmuc muenchen Barbara Lenhard getcityvibes 8
artmuc muenchen getcityvibes 7

Textile art

Beate von Harten, tells us that her work is based on the idea of Anni Albers (German textile designer, painter and designer, and former Bauhaus School teacher) if a work is made with pencil and is considered art, why can’t a work made in color be considered art? So Beate’s proposal is textiles representing pencil sketches.

There are several art consultancy projects, some of which are art collectives made up of people who work voluntarily in the orientation and representation of artists to establish them on a commercial level and others that are dedicated to leasing artistic works.

What about children?

Without a doubt, bringing children closer to this provocation of colors and images does them a lot of good and stimulates their senses and imagination.

Many thanks to Raiko Schwalbe and her team for the information!

Visiting the ARTMUC is a point on the weekend “To do list” that should not be missed.

artmuc muenchen L0fhigh getcityvibes 10
Work by l0fhigh by Stefan Kratzer & Julia Krotzek

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