Art Season with ARTMUC: a highlight in Munich this autumn

October 11, 2019
One of the highlights in Munich, this autumn, is the art exhibition ARTMUC, which has been rapidly positioning itself as one of the leading platforms for promoting art in Germany.

If you are a fan of the visual arts, you are going to love this exhibition, if you are not so familiar, this is an excellent occasion to get closer.

This is not the typical art event, where you have to be serious and pretend you understand the artwork. ARTMUC makes you feel confident to experiment, see the work up close, and ask the artists about their work. ARTMUC is unique too, because of its familiar atmosphere among the artists.

Author El Bocho

ARTMUC, fall edition, is presenting around 20 galleries and 140 artists. All of them are previously curated by a jury. You can see there works with the traditional materials, and you can also find artwork made with wood, textiles, and of course, audiovisual media such as Virtual Reality, video, and animations.

You find artwork from emerging and established artists, from Munich and Europe and this edition, artists from the Asian continent.

The diversity of artists and materials turns into a variety of styles and languages, so at ARTMUC, the viewer can see works of abstract form, pop art, figurative, and more. Definitively it is worth to visit the event, appreciate art, learn, discuss creative processes with the author, and acquire work.

Author Jonas Eideloth

One of the highlights is the special exhibition of Mel Ramos´s work (1935 - 2018). He is a classic representative of Pop Art, who had exhibitions together with Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. The work of Ramos can be appreciated very closely, and some pieces haven´t been shown before.

There is also Multimedia art as a special exhibition. Virtual Reality, videos, and Co. are a nice mix together with traditional techniques like Oils.

artmuc2 mucvibes
Author Paul Hirsch

Social engagement

There is also a generous sense at ARTMUC. Organizer Raiko Schwalbe talked about the auction that will take place in the exhibition. It is possible thanks to donated work from the artists. The collected money will be given to the “Cura Placida Stiftung,” to help sick children. Take a chance to win!

One of the problems in Munich is the limitation of space, and this also affects the artists, ARTMUC has established an “Artmuc Award” which consists of a residency program in Gran Canaria.

Besides an art event, ARTMUC is the precedent of continuing Munich’s artistic tradition, and the venue is fantastic: Isarforum and Praterinsel.

Author Raphael Gratzl Pop Art

Admission 13 euros. 17.-20. October Isarforum & Praterinsel

Photos: Alicia Enciso

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We published this article initially on October 18, 2019.

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