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Munich lifestyle- mucvibes


Moving to a new country or city is a big adventure and a challenge. Your new social life is essential to feel comfortable there. We made a website where you can find information to help you understand the culture and where to meet friends offline, so it is easier to make Munich your new home.

Munich lifestyle- mucvibes


I am Alicia Enciso and have been living in Munich for many years. In the beginning, it was not so easy to feel part of the city and to find friends, but in the last years, the internet has made it possible to spread tools to get familiar with the town: apps, blogs, facebook groups, meetup. Enrique and I wanted to bring you all this info together on this website and set a platform where you can participate as well.


We use, of course, a CMS, and rather than using Wordpress, we wanted to discover new technologies.

There have been many hands and brilliant minds helping us on this project, a big big thank you:

  • Enrique Enciso, software engineering Geek
  • Dr. Thomas Meier, Philosopher of Science
  • Adam Wiggins, entrepreneur Website
  • Christian Lindener, Former CEO at Wayra Website
  • Wayra Munich Team and Residents Community Website
Munich lifestyle- mucvibes