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Revalidating your Degrees and Certificates in Munich

In Munich, the official place where you can check the revalidation of your degrees is the “Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle”, based at Pündterplatz in Schwabing.

The process is complex, and of course it varies depending from which country you are from. If you come from a member state of the European Union, the process of revalidation is quick and easy. Sometimes, you won’t even have to translate your certificates into German.

However, we recommend you to check carefully the exact requirements you will have to fulfill in order to obtain your individual goal.

For pedagogical jobs or jobs in medicine, you will have to go a deeper revalidation process than for other jobs.

What you should have, however, is an official translation of your documents as well as an Apostille, from a “notary” of your home place, or better said, from the place your documents are from.

We hope your process of revalidation will give you the expected results.

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