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Standardbrief? Sending a letter in Germany.

Sending a letter can be very complicated in Germany. Especially with a lack of expertise in the German language. Since we want you to have an easy and comfortable experience with the German mail service, we will help you with the following information.


Type of letters.

If you want to send a letter, there are three basic modalities for normal letters: There is the standard letter (Standardbrief), the express letter (Einschreiben), and there is the express letter with a receipt confirmation (Übergabeeinschreiben).

As there are three different levels of velocity of delivery and also differences in the assurance of the content of the shipping, the prices of these three letter types also differ.

The standard letter takes usually two days, the other two types of letters are delivered within one day, normally. The Übergabeeinschreiben is a very useful and important letter type, since you get a signed confirmation of the recipient. People use this sometimes to send over important documents.

We hope this information is useful specially at the post queue!