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Finding the right German course for you


If you are new in town and in search of a good German course, you will easily see that there are dozens of schools in Munich. It can be quite confusing and tough to find the right course, since there are all kinds of course modalities and school types.

We think it is best to not only book a course online and get sort of convinced by visiting a homepage of a language school. Instead, we believe it is much better to visit the school’s office, talk to the administration, make a short test to check your German level (they are for free at all schools), and then, after having carefully listened to the school’s personnel about their methods, the class sizes, about the teachers and the prices, you make a good decision.

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a language course you don’t like. Because learning needs to be fun and interesting, and not frustrating and negative. It is also important to see that there are huge differences in the prices, many times for the same “quality”. Many teachers work at several schools, using the same books, and the same methods, so at the end you will end up paying like 5 times more for the same kind of course, only because you will be at certain schools with bigger names. This, we think, needs to be thought through. :)