How to officially help the Ukrainian people in Munich

March 16, 2022
Like the whole world, we are extremely heartbroken and overwhelmed by the war in Ukraine. Although there is much information about donations on social media and websites, we summarize here the official links.
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More than uploading a selfie with the Ukrainian flag, it is better to help concretely. Let's also avoid showing off on our Social Media how much we have helped, and let's get real work done.

I omitted to add initiatives from individuals, given how difficult it is to check the certainty that the aid will reach the purpose for which it is requested.

Helping at the Shelters

Helpers, interpreters, and medical assistants to help ensure the basic operation of the accommodation places with care and supplies. Different shifts in 4 or 6 hours, depending on the location. Register here.


Sometimes it is better to donate money, and other times it is better to bring goods such as baby food, toiletries, etc. The information changes depending on the needs, so follow these accounts to stay informed:

Münchener Freiwillige

Heimatstern e.V.


Helping at the Münchner Tafel

The Münchener Tafel provides food from donations to needy people; they always need help from volunteers. There are many locations in Munich. You can help once a week from 11am to 5pm. Due to the current situation, the Tafel also offers help to people from Ukraine, increasing their demand for volunteers to staff the Tafel. Register here.

Get an idea about the workflow at the Münchener Tafel here.

Important links:

Münchener Freiwillige



General information from Munich's Government.


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